Bought new Kenmore Elite refrigerator in spring of 2015. No ice refrigerator warm don’t hear the compressor. I also bought a 3 year warranty. I purchased a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator model #795.71033.010 January 2015. I bought a Kenmore Elite refrigerator in 2014 and the compressor went out about 5 weeks ago. I will not buy another Kenmore or LG appliance. ordered part returned 2 weeks later. I LOST ALL MY FOOD AND MEDICINE! Paid $150 for sears home services estimate alone! Just a FYI.. Ordered part and installed 5 days later, but fridge and freezer still did not cool. Model #795.73167.610. Repairman says he used his last compressor on Sat and the parts will need to be ordered. Spoke with Sears and repairmen who say it sounds like a compressor issue and that it’s a known problem, but it’s not covered by any warranty. The makers of Kenmore refrigerators face a class action lawsuit from plaintiffs who claim their product is knowingly sold with a defect that leads to breakdowns just years after buying it. Purchased Kenmore Elite in 2016. It is no longer under warrenty. Sears replaced the compressor for free but charged 516.00 to install. Compressor went out 3 weeks ago. We have the exact same issue with our Kenmore elite. To our shock we said NO WAY, what happened to the warranty? When I called Sears and mentioned the LG compressor lawsuit they of course had no idea what I was talking about. Can I join the class action suite? The told us never to buy a refrigerator where the model begins with 795 as this means it is LG. 2 years and 1 month later our refrigerator is NOT cooling (December 17,2020). Lots of calls time and money spent to get it fixed. It’s been broken 2 weeks so far, and they estimate that it will be another 2 weeks before they acquire the parts and are able to fix it. $3.5M Settlement in Oilfield Service Co. Investor Fraud Class Action, Deregulated Energy Company Fleeced Consumers Out of $100 Million, Class Action Claims, University Health Workers Claim Mismanaged Plans in 401(k) Suit, Demand Class Status, Cyberpunk Maker Hit With Ransomware Attack, Hacker Threatens Data Leak, Jeld-Wen and Masonite Reach Revised $81M Door Price-Fixing Settlement, Consumer Class Action Lawsuit & Settlement News, Coronavirus Legal News & Class Action Lawsuits. Was told compressor is bad and possible other problems. Stopped cooling/freezing. Not cooling. The compressor is the LG Linear Compressor that is mentioned in numerous lawsuits. I lost everything in my freezer. I have the same issue with my Kenmore Elite 795.72483.411. We purchased the Kenmore Elite Refrigerator December 2017. Interesting…fortunately for me, I do. Looks like I am another victim. ft. refrigerator from Sears on January 24, 2019 for $1,151.97. Kenmore Elite refrigerator. Second repair appointment Oct. 20, 2020, with parts installed and told to place bottle of water in freezer and wait 48 hours for water to freeze, however, it did not. They further explain the Kenmore refrigerators also house an evaporator that holds tubing that develops air leaks from pinholes. I too purchased an Kenmore Elite refrigerator in May of 2015. I have the exact same model refrigerator which was purchased 4/2017. Today it’s back to normal but the appliance guy who was out said it will happen again. The filing elaborates how defective compressors cause the Kenmore refrigerators to break down. The second linear compressor failed and was replaced under warranty 9/20/20 for $479 in labor, this time not with an LG linear compressor. Completely Outrageous! Great, a refrigerator full of spoiled food and now I have to pay the labor on a manufacturer defect. Kenmore Elite, Model #795 74025.411 purchased in 2015, less than 6 years ago, and it was ridiculously expensive. Old compressor that was removed is LG FLB075LBNA. Now my Kenmore sits as a decoration in my living room until I figure out what to do with it. The technician finally showed up and told us the compressor was broken and it wasn’t worth fixing and that he spends all day going from one house to another with the same problem. Fortunately at the time of purchase, Sears was We just purchased a replacement fridge made by KitchenAid, hoping to have better luck. We are done with repairs and now need to purchase another new refrigerator and now once again all new food. Only lost food. Refrigerator failed and had to have the Evaporator and Compressor replaced on 5/5 2020. We spent over $2,000 on the refrigerator and it didn’t even last a year. Please include me in your lawsuit. To repair, but recommended to buy new refrigerator. This is unacceptable. I am not sure if I signed up for the Sears rewards program. Yes please add me to settlement. The compressor was replaced yet again, costing me over $700. It takes days to get sears to come look at it but I have an appliance repairman who says it will likely keep breaking because of the compressor. I tried to file a claim under the LG claim but the model number won’t work because it’s not LG by name. Charged us a service fee for nothing. We too bought a “Kenmore” (I use quotes because we didn’t know it was a LG when we bought it). Last evening they said my appointment was for the Feb 12 which I told her I would have not scheduled that day since we are going to see my mother in law for her 92 bday. They refused to send me the part which is under warranty. Another non cooling event happened in May 2020 due to compressor failure. My story the same as most of these. After waiting a month and paying $180 to have someone just come look at it today (they must be very busy dealing with everyone’s broken Kenmores), the technician said they need to replace the compressor, condenser, dryer and two valves, plus flush the system to remove suspected blockages. Paid $2500 initially for a hunk of junk that keeps breaking down. After the first year the ice cube tray stopped working thar was over $400. $1100 to replace. The next morning, we heard a pop and it just completely died. Still didn’t make ice nor froze any food. Paid $400 for repairs the first time, a few weeks later, broke again and had to pay $90 for diagnostic again. Our Kenmore (byLG) frig has been useless for four months. Purchased Kenmore Elite refridgerator from Sears on 12/19/2916. I would very much like to join this class-action lawsuit. And worked for three days. It’s been dead for 5 days, they’re coming to diagnose it tomorrow but sure it’s the compressor. Cost me $786.00 to have a new compressor installed on 12/ 23 /2020. Model #: 795.72495.611 So, still not working. It quit once and all the food spoiled about 2 years ago. However, this can result in some functions no longer being available. A large appliance that is $2K should not last only 4 years. The compressor was replaced. We suffered through 10 days waiting for a $951 repair and then decided to buy a new refrigerator from another manufacturer after learning about the problems with LG compressors. We bought our Kenmore Elite refrigerator Needless to say I am not happy. Will buy American made from now on. I have had to purchase a new refridgerator. Purchased a Kenmore/LG side-by-side refrigerator 2018 barely 2 years old, brought NEW from Sears- now broken. Repair by non sears approved repair was attempted and failed. Kenmore Bottom Freezer Refrigerator model 795.7249. After multiple repair visits over a month and $450 later, a new compressor was installed. We had to throw everything out, hard to do while the pandemic of Covid-19 is happening. I have Model 795-73163-610 and I am waiting to have it repaired after 3 days of no cooling. Have called customer service 3 times and their team was to call us back. We bough a Kenmore Elite 74093 31.7 cuft French Door Refrigerator (Item # 04674093000P) in Dec. 2015. However, I was also warned by the (non-Sears) technician today that these compressors can have significant delays in supply/availability. A week ago it stopped cooling and all freezer frig food lost. I have a 79574032411 Kenmore Elite refrigerator it stopped cooling January 16th 2021 I bought it 6-3-2016. I have the model 795.74025.411 PLEASE include us in the lawsuit!! I found 1 person to come out to assess, $100 later he told me to contact kenmore. After the 1st breakdown when we couldn’t get service for 4 weeks, had to buy a mini fridge for basic items. notified of any class action against Kenmore or LG until reading a copy of consumer reports. I’ve already paid over $300 in parts and $200+ in labor and the problem still is not fixed. It only worked for 13 months when it broke first time. I expected much more life out of that refrigerator. Thanks Sears!!! This frig has been a piece of crap since day 1. I would love to join a lawsuit. Unit is 7 yrs old. Purchased a $2,599.99 Sears Kenmore Elite Refrigerator, Model Number 79572483411, Serial Number 803KR00029, and $799.99 5-Year In-Home Master Protection Plan on May 25, 2018. Called Sears no service until Dec 9. News stations from San Diego to Connecticut were airing interviews with frustrated Kenmore refrigerator customers and technicians dealing with faulty compressors.

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